My Nest Learning Thermostat

I’ve heard all the hype about the Nest Learning Thermostat, but is it really all true? Is this smart home device truly that incredible?

OMG!! Yes – It’s true! I now can’t even imagine home living without my Nest Thermostats. I have two of these in my house, one to control the downstairs and upstairs. Now, before I even purchased the Nest Thermostat, I had to do some research as to if the Nest would even be compatible in my home. After determining what kind of existing heating & cooling my house had installed and what type of wiring was in my home, I then purchased the Nest devices.

It was very easy to install and setup the Nest Thermostat – see video here.

Since installing the Nest Learning Thermostat the device has truly transformed the way we think about heating and cooling our home. When you walk past or approach the Nest Thermostat it illuminates (utilizing a feature called Farsight technology) as if it’s talking to you and tells you in big, bold numbers what the current temperature is set to. You can actually choose what the Nest displays when it detects motion, (temperature, weather or time), I simply chose temperature. It’s very easy to make changes between the three options.

nest learning thermostat
Nest Learning Thermostat in Auto Away mode.

Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat, Easy Temperature Control for Every Room in Your House, Stainless Steel (Third Generation), Works with Alexa

I have to say, I’m definitely a bit more conscious of what we’re keeping the temperature in the house at these days – maybe it’s because the Nest displays these the temp and reminds us of what we have the temps set at. I mean, it’s hard to move around the house and not notice the Nest displaying these figures. It surely makes us more aware of just what temperatures we are keeping the thermostat at these days and how much energy we are utilizing. It’s almost like the Nest Thermostat is talking to us. 🙂

As soon as I installed my Nest Thermostat I set a schedule from my Nest smartphone app. I set a complete schedule of what my temperatures would be at night and also during the day time hours. You can set up the schedule right from the Thermostat but I found it easier to set them all from the app on my phone.

Controlling your Nest Thermostat via the Nest app on your smartphone from anywhere is a snap. Simply open the app and you can raise or lower the temperatures in seconds.

We also can control this smart device from any of our Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot devices that we have scattered throughout the house (6 in all). Actually, any Amazon device that is Alexa enabled, so that means Fire TV (using the remote control) as well as Echo Spot, Echo Show and even Fire Tablets allow you to give commands to the Nest Learning Thermostat.

It’s pretty cool & convenient to say, “Alexa, turn the downstairs thermostat to 68 degrees” if we already went upstairs for the night and forgot to adjust the thermostat.

Using the energy history feature we can easily see how much time our heating or cooling is running during the day and once a month we now get a summary so we can track how much energy we are consuming from month to month.

Everything about the Nest Thermostat seems very easy. From the install to the operation of the unit, it’s all quite simple to navigate the settings and make any necessary changes. Overall, the experience has been very positive and we see no negative aspects of using this smart home product.

There’s simply no going back from here with our Nest Learning Thermostat. Life will never be the same and I have no doubt that we will see energy savings as a result of the Nest thermostat. I’m eager to see how this thermostat evolves over the years. More and more people are embracing smart home living today and the Nest Learning Thermostat is a must have for smarter living.

Click here to see all of our Nest Learning Thermostat videos on YouTube.


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