Nest Thermostat - 3rd Generation

Nest Thermostat, Easy Temperature Control for Every Room in Your House, Stainless Steel (Third Generation)

The Nest Thermostat comes in 4 colors; Stainless Steel, Black, White and Copper.

nest thermostat

MSRP is $249.
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The Nest Learning Thermostat is the first thermostat to get ENERGY STAR certified. It learns what temperature you like and builds a schedule around yours. Buy Now.

Nest Thermostat Programs itself. Then pays for itself.

Meet the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat. It has new rings and a big, sharp display. And it saves energy. That’s the most beautiful part.

Watch the You Tube video here on the Nest Learning Thermostat.

nest thermostat

Watch the You Tube video on Nest Thermostat Farsight

Also see video on Scheduling your Nest Thermostat

See how much you saved.

Nest shows you how much energy you use every day in Energy History and every month in your Home Report. So you can see when you use more energy, like on weekends or Monday nights, and how to use less.

It lights up when you walk in the room.

Now the Nest Thermostat does something new. It’s called Farsight, and it lights up to show you the temperature, weather or time. You can even choose a digital or analog clock face. Farsight is big and bright on the beautiful display – you can see it from across the room.

Know your home is safe.

The Nest Thermostat is just one part of your heating and cooling system. But it can keep an eye on the rest of it. You’ll get an alert on your phone if there’s something wrong – like temperatures are so low your pipes could burst. And if it looks like your furnace is acting up, the Nest Thermostat will send you an alert.


  • Using its auto-schedule feature and your phone’s location it learns when you’re home, what room temperature you enjoy, and when you usually go to bed, all within a week.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and control the temperature from afar.
  • Trying to find to a balance between a comfortable home temperature and saving energy costs is tough. The Nest Learning Thermostat finds the sweet spot for you. It knows when you’re not at home or not awake and learns to adjust the temperature accordingly.
  • You’ll know when it’s using less energy when you see the Nest leaf appear on the display. It also knows tricks to keep the energy bills down, like turning on the fan to circulate cool air every so often so you’re not blasting the AC all summer.
  • It monitors your air system and alerts you when something’s wrong, like your furnace is acting up or your pipes are so cold they’re about to burst.
  • When it figures out what time you come home from work, the thermostat starts heating or cooling the place down in advance so it’s perfect when you get back.
  • On average, users save 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling. That means this thing can pay for itself in just 2 years.
  • So stop paying more for energy costs and start enjoying a perfect room temperature in your home, thanks to the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation.

Create a Nest home.

Nest products are made to work together. And they can even work with lights, locks and other products in your home.

Buy Now – Nest Smart Thermostat 3rd Generation Universal Programmable Wifi

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