Smart Homes Rule!

Smart homes are the new normal. You can start your smart home with just one or two devices today and then expand with many other smart home devices. More and more technology today around the house now comes with smart home technology, from garage doors to ovens and refrigerators.

I remember when I began adding smart home devices into my household. The first ever smart home device was the Amazon Echo. I then added some Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs by TP-Link and they were the color bulbs so I could change the color to whatever I wanted to – it literally had millions of colors to choose from. I then added Amazon dots to all of our kids rooms and found that there were many smart ways that my kids were interacting with those Amazon dots…but, I’ll leave that for another post. I’ve since added many other smart products to my home which I will share in subsequent articles that make home life just a little bit easier. Some people I’ve talked to have entered the smart home world with the Ring Video Doorbell or the Nest Thermostat as their first smart product. These two smart home products are must haves from a security and efficiency standpoint.

smart homes

In addition to the Nest Thermostat, which we have two of that control both upstairs and downstairs heating and cooling, we have multiple smart plugs and smart bulbs throughout our house. We started small, but then quickly expanded our smart home as we understood all the conveniences of controlling devices with your voice or smartphone app. 

Some of the smart home products on the market are already onto their 2nd & 3rd generation as this market is quickly evolving with new products appearing all the time. Everyone has a different story as to how they began installing smart products and how their experiences were with these devices. There’s no doubt about it though, these smart home products can help enhance home security, save on energy and overall, make life at home more enjoyable and fun.

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