Smart Plug by ebryte

The ebryte smart plug truly is a multi-purpose smart device that really packs a punch and offers increased functionality over your traditional smart plug.

To say that smart plugs have evolved over time is an understatement. When smart plugs first hit the smart home market, they only offered one outlet per plug and tended to be round in their design. Well, there certainly have been advancements in Smart Home technology and a lot of those changes have been in the smart plug category.

ebryte Smart Plug with two USB fast charging ports

Smart plugs now are offered in multiple designs, such as rectangular and offer single or dual AC outlets for added convenience.

The ebryte smart plug offers two fast charging USB ports in addition to the single AC outlet.

The ebryte smart plug offers the traditional functionalities of any smart plug such as:

  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistance to control home appliances.
  • The added convenience to remotely control home appliances either in the house or by using the Apps via a smartphone or mobile device.
  • USB Charging is the huge added benefit of this smart plug, with two fast charging USB ports to either power or charge various devices.
  • Create a schedule and program home devices to automatically turn on or off at certain times of the day.
  • Start a countdown timer for selected lights or other home appliances to turn off after a certain time.
ebryte smart plug
ebryte multi-purpose smart plug – remotely control lights and power devices

This smart plug from ebryte offers so much convenience and can be used in various difference use cases. This plug is perfect for a bedside table where you can remotely turn on/off control lights and charge multiple devices overnight. Also, particularly useful to have this plug in a kitchen or living room to control home appliances also and to provide charging of devices throughout the day. A must have for kids away at school to charge their multiple devices and use their voice to control lights in dorm rooms or apartments.

You cannot go wrong with this multi-purpose smart plug from ebryte as it offers numerous benefits over your traditional smart plug.


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